Diversity of expertise

'De Beuk' is a unique management-consultancy partnership in the Netherlands with senior advisors/trainers and support staff working together in an active face-to-face and modern ICT network.

We have provided quality consultancy services and training in the Netherlands and abroad for thirthy-five years. Our statutory objectives as a foundation/company are to contribute to an on-going process of democratisation, emancipation and social evolution; working for a just and honest distribution of wealth and influence within society.

Organisational development and political processes

Our clients are from all levels of government from municipal to national, and include a large number of social agencies and independent issues-oriented (inter)national NGO's: women, environmental and migrant organizations. We specialize in managing organisational change and helping our clients and their managers adjust to the complexities and strategic demands of contemporary society. We design and implement interactive participation processes and programmes and at the same time provide the facilitation and skills training required to help organisations achieve their ambitions and new dynamic roles. We understand both organisational development and the intricacies of political processes, while not losing sight of the practical requirements and result orientation of the everyday world.

Through our own curiosity and diversity we enjoy the challenge of providing a platform for diversity and effective participation. All of us share an interest in making a concerted personal investment in our work, while at the same time doing our best to enjoy ourselves thoroughly on the job.

Diversity of expertise

As a team we provide a diversity of expertise: ...from designing the architecture and implementing interactive processes for urban en regional development projects (with a special emphasis on the use of images, video and film), to providing training and development programmes for Municipal Councils, Councillors and Mayors, to formulating a comprehensive communications or image-building strategy, or designing and carrying out evaluative research.

Our approaches include team-building and visioning, through to mediation and effective media presentation and negotiating techniques. One of our core businesses is providing strategies and training to a large number of Works Councils and the Social Partners in the Netherlands. We also have experience doing projects and providing training for international agencies and international NGO's; and a good track record at solving problems for public-minded volunteer organisations.

We have over three decades of experience as an e-organisation with an efficient central e-support office, a weekly telephone information-exchange meeting for advisors. All the advisors work out of their home.
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